Sauna age to which one year of life you can enjoy a bath in the sauna?

With the example of Finland in mind, we note that people of all generations, from babies to very old people, use the sauna there. In Finland, the sauna is used primarily for cleaning up. Experience shows that the sauna is also suitable for old people.

And how they like these hours of nursing and regeneration, especially the company gathering at meetings held at that time in the sauna. For these reasons, it is not surprising that saunas are often installed when older people build their own homes. There are actually several reasons why the sauna is especially recommended during aging and in the old age. Salt grind. Regular removal of fluids from the body and associated tissue detoxification can help prevent the prevention of germs; there is also stimulated cellular metabolism, reduced in older age. Significant improvement in circulation in the skin results in a better supply of cells and therefore a much fresher appearance.

In contrast, unfortunately, the widespread opinion, hot sauna does not overload the heart and it can be well tolerated by people who have limited cardiac efficiency. And on the other hand, how could specialist clinics dare not only to allow, but also to prescribe the use of the sauna as a rehabilitation factor for patients who have recently undergone a heart attack? Cooling in this case is carried out in the fresh air, pouring cold water from a hose or shower, usually without a pool, paying special attention to hot foot baths.

If an elderly person does not suffer from severe hardening of blood vessels, especially coronary and cerebral vessels, or other acute illnesses that do not allow the use of a sauna, he should not bypass the sauna. Especially for older people, the psychohigical significance of the sauna, its impact on well-being and emotional state, can not be overstated.

To sum up, we can say that as much as age allows, there is no age limit for using the sauna.