Lying mucus is the cause of headaches and sinuses, weakened taste and smell, worsening well-being. In such cases, the sinuses should be rinsed. The treatment removes thickened mucus and bacteria from the inside of the nose and sinuses. The 0.9% isotonic isotonic solution easily softens and removes internal deposits, thanks to the force of gravity and the Venturi effect, a negative pressure is created, which makes it possible to clean the sinuses. It is a natural and simple way, and at the same time extremely effective.

Even after sinusitis and a large amount of mucus, we will feel a marked relief after only a few moments. Research has shown that thanks to the osmosis effect and capillary effects, the nasal blood vessels are also purified. Rinsing is one of the ways in which brine operates directly on the diseased mucosa.

When the sinuses are a bit cleared, use inhalation with dry salt aerosol, which will remove the remaining mucus and eliminate inflammation of the mucous membrane