Vicious circle

What is modern rehabilitation?

Breathing problems aggravate postural defects.

Faulty postures cause on the one hand a reduction in the volume of inhaled air, increase resistance, or the cost of its intake, which, on the other hand, improperly functioning respiratory system aggravates abnormal posture.

A vicious circle that worsens the functioning of the body. Hypoxia, fatigue, inefficient organism. Back pain in most cases is caused by postural defects and these are associated with poor movement patterns in the Central Nervous System.

The current level of knowledge with the help of modern rehabilitation is easy to deal with this problem. A modern rehabilitation rely on the rebuilding of movement patterns in the central nervous system.

Previous rehabilitation consisted in the abolition of pain with the help of massage and strengthening of peripheral muscles, which brought temporary relief and then recurrence of pains and sometimes worsening of the problem.
Modern rehabilitation

Modern rehabilitation focuses on strengthening skeletal muscles responsible for proper maintenance of our skeleton, and rebuilding normal patterns of motion in the Central Nervous System. In this way, we repair the posture of the body. If we add inhalations with dry salt aerosol, we clean the airways and improve the efficiency of the body.

Everything takes place effortlessly with a pleasant sensation of movement, breathing fresh air with saturated aerosol.