Think about your body posture the moment you read it … Your neck is probably bent down, your arms are bent. Do you know that the human head weighs about 4.5 kg? Every 2.5 cm inclination of the head down adds another 4.5 kg of pressure on the spine. Most of us bend our head 60 degrees, so instead of 4.5 kg, our spine is carrying 27 kg.

How spine pains arise? The correct posture is a skill. The movement of maintaining the vertical posture of the body is not given to us once and for all, each of us must learn it. Learned by trial and error, at the expense of many falls, it is easily disturbed by changing conditions such as rapid growth, weight change, strokes, other injuries, illness or stress. Changed conditions require re-education, hence we must learn this movement throughout our lives. Unfortunately, the deteriorating ability to maintain balance is treated as a natural aging process. In order to learn proper movement, one must experience it, only through experience we can effectively program our Central Nervous System.

Where do spine pains come from? The vast majority of posture defects. The problem of bad attitude concerns many working people. 70 percent Active people work in a sitting position. 60-80 percent working people complain of pain in the lower part of the spine. These pains are most common in people who do seemingly the lightest, because they are sitting at work. Sitting we accept the unnatural position of our body – thus we force our spine to an unnatural position.

Women spending a few dozen hours a day behind the desk are twice as likely to have pulmonary embolism. A prolonged sitting position weakens blood circulation, increasing the risk of a blood clot in the veins of the lower legs. Back pain is one of the most common reasons for reporting to a Family doctor.

The frequency of these ailments increases with age, and according to research carried out in various regions of the country on the assessment of body posture, high proportions (from 30 – 69%) of children and adolescents with abnormal posture have also been found. The situation is alarming.