Hygiene of life

What effect does health hygiene have on our health?

Based on the report p.t. “New Perspectives on the Health of Canadians” developed by Canada Health Minister Marc Lalonde, for human health influences
50% lifestyle,
natural and social environment of life, work and study 20%,
genetic factors 20%,
health care 10%.
Who therefore has the greatest impact on our health?
The answer is one MY SAMI

What are we doing, however? We listen to ads, cover up problems, and stuff ourselves with wonderful supplements for everything. Instead of books developed by scientists, knowledge is replaced with content from advertising leaflets created by traders. These texts overpower us, but they have one important feature for us – they justify our inaction.

After all, in the leaflet and in the ad they assured me that I would lose weight when I bought and take a tablet, so why bother with diets or pour out sweat during physical exercise?

It’s nothing that even a preschooler should not believe in these fairy tales, it’s nothing that money can be spent on other useful matters, the most important thing is that I do not have to do anything and think.