Rinsing the body cavities

Salty waters and brine are commonly used for rinsing body cavities. We distinguish mouthwashing, mouthwash, irrigation, colon lavage, are just some effective forms of cleaning the corners of the residual substances.
An extremely effective and almost immediate effect is rinsing the sinuses.

In diseases of the sinuses, where the mucus that is deposited makes it impossible to breathe freely, performing a simple procedure allows the mechanical removal of excess secretion. Lying mucus is the cause of headaches and sinuses, weakened taste and smell, worsening well-being. In such cases it should be
rinse the sinuses. The treatment removes all dirt and bacteria from the inside of the nose and sinuses. Even after sinusitis and a large amount of mucus, we will feel a marked relief after only a few moments. Research has shown that thanks to the osmosis effect and capillary effects, the nasal blood vessels are also purified. Rinsing is one of the ways in which brine operates directly on the diseased mucosa.

The sinus irrigation procedure is often used as a preparation for inhalation, because it allows the action of aerosol particles on the mucus that has been cleared of excess mucus.

Other known body cavity rinsing include gynecological irrigations, intestinal irrigation, gargle, and oral cavity.