In diseases of the oral cavity, these treatments engender positive results, as do massages carried out with the use of saline waters. Here, the water has a salinity of between two and three per cent and it is used at a temperature of thirty-seven degrees Celsius. Irrigation and lavage of the periodontium support the treatment of inflammatory processes, work to alleviate swellings and bleeding, assist in the eradication of pathological secretions and reduce the number of microorganisms. The procedures are adminstered, inter alia, for patients with gingivitis, ulcerative stomatitis and ulcerative gingivitis.

The positive effects of the action of mineral waters on the oral cavity are also evident during treatments which involve drinking them. The waters most suited to irrigation and lavage of the oral cavity are hypertonic saline waters. They act to improve the circulation in that part of the body and eradicate local swellings. Following the administration of the treatment over a longer period, the strengthening of the periodontal tissues ensues. Sodium chloride waters assist in the eradication of infection from the oral cavity. Besides this, they increase the secretion of saliva, while the daily administration of the treatments helps to eliminate bad breath.