In cryotherapy a stimulus is used in the form of very low temperature. He activates defense mechanisms to action. Our body tries to warm places exposed to low temperatures by trying to pump blood, and the production of substances responsible for defending the body from danger increases.

It is dangerous to stay in cold temperatures for a long time, so the time spent in the cryotherapy chamber can not exceed several minutes. Each subsequent session is the next lesson of learning for our body. Our body notices the effects of increased defense reactions to a low temperature stimulus and remembers what it must do to make the body feel better.

Such a course lasts from 10 to 20 days and, as in the case of halotherapy, it is an individual matter. Each of us needs a different number of sessions. The effects are permanent and are not dependent on any additional substance, there are no side effects. The functioning of our body in a huge part depends on the patterns of behavior stored in the brain. If the body’s behavior in response to a stimulus improves our mood, it is remembered as appropriate and will be used by the body from now on.

The reactions that were the response to the stimulus are remembered as positive in the Central Nervous System as a pattern of behavior. Our body will react from this programmed pattern from now on.