The nomadic people, the Scytians, already 2500 years ago built dugouts, which served for bathing similar to the sauna. There were fireplaces placed there to heat stones sprayed with water. For thousands of years various forms of sauna appear in many places on earth, but it is Finns and Swedes who like sauna the most as a form of bath for body cleansing, and by the way it turned out that the action of strong temperature stimuli strengthens the body. Finnish women, despite their advanced age, can boast of firm skin.

Sauna is training the immune system, preventive action against colds in the autumn and winter season. In combination with halotherapy, it works prophylactically.

In order to take advantage of the potential of sauna treatments, one should become acquainted with its effects on the body. It is worth talking with people with experience in using the sauna. In the sauna, it is necessary to spend exactly as much time as our body needs. Too short stay in the cabin and underheating of the body may expose us to a cold, too long can lead to overheating of the body. The average time is within 9-15 minutes.