Special advice for using the sauna for the first time

Sauna tips

Once we were all beginners and we did not always use the sauna properly. Sauna tips will allow you to get acquainted with the basics of proper use of the sauna. Now we would like to let those who are just learning to use the sauna really enjoy without limitations its best effects.

It may be that you need a little more time to learn how to use the sauna. Not everyone does it right away. If you are afraid of heat – maybe because of the heart – remember that even people suffering from a heart attack are treated with a sauna so that there is no next heart attack. There is therefore no reason to be afraid of the sauna. Worrying could only speed up your pulse. Go to the sauna after wetting the face with cold water (with the rest of the body dry).

It is not the temperature, but the period of time is straining your heart. So stay on the central bench. If you stay there quietly without unnecessary movements, and without talking, then 10 minutes of time will not be dangerous at all. In any case, you should not stay there for less than 8 minutes, otherwise you will not heat properly.

If you see that you are sweating only a little, think about the evaporation of sweat (it cools your skin – that’s what you feel!). Sweating can be trained in 6 – 10 baths! After a hot sauna, do not forget about the cold outdoor air! The body needs oxygen. Do not worry about catching a cold if it’s freezing outside, it’s raining or snowing. A cold is not possible! If the sweat on your skin worries you while bathing in the open air, briefly pour your body over the water, which should of course be cold.

If you think that in the beginning you will not tolerate cold water all over your body, first take a cool shower, but not as warm as the one you take to wash. Then, let the water flow over your hands, forearms and arms, on your feet, legs and thighs and especially on your face. During the next visits in the sauna pour more and more parts of your body, until you like cold water on your breasts, especially on your back.

When you come back from the fresh air, the skin, its blood vessels and nerves need in each case the use of cold water. The pool is not obligatory, but pouring cold water like that. And do not forget: after each use of cold water, take a hot bath! Another important point: do not act like “old hand”; it could be a Russian-Roman bath (and therefore not favorable).

If you have any doubts, maybe because you are seriously ill, talk to your doctor about the sauna. If he does not know this booklet, give it to him to read.