Children’s sauna – from what age you can use the sauna

No harmful effect of the hot sauna on the youngest children has been proven in two Finnish scientific studies in which also newborns and children aged up to

one year old, they “bathed” for 15 minutes on a sauna bench. Finns living in the village have gained practical experience in using the sauna since early childhood. Halotherapy can be used in the sauna room.
From what age can children use the sauna?

Baths in public saunas are usually allowed for children from the age of three, if they can control their digestive tract (they do not empty themselves in the sauna) and if they can understand the explanations given to them. The introduction of family hours in the sauna was very useful and had an impact on the development of the home sauna. Salt grinder.

We observe that children like such a sauna, where in addition to the heat is an outdoor bath, as well as water games. Children are also enthusiastic about pouring out of a hose, a shower and into a cold pool, where someone has to observe them so that hypothermia does not occur. On the other hand, regular use of the pool is a good way to teach children to use water. According to our experience, “sauna kids” learn to swim faster.

When we talk about typical sauna effects that are especially important for children, hardening and increasing immunity against infections are at the top of the list. Many children are particularly sensitive in this regard! During a certain period of growth, some children have disturbed circulation regulation, which normally disappears with regular use of the sauna. In adults, living conditions, overstimulation by music, and perhaps TV, also have no beneficial effects on the autonomic nervous system. Proper use of the sauna leads to improved mood (with permanent stimulation of the toning effect) and to a gentle activation of the nervous system. In the end, it is also this important aspect that the sauna is conducive to purification and teaches children hygiene in a non-obtrusive way.