Asthma and sauna

Asthmatics suffer during wet and warm weather, sometimes they have a greater number of attacks, but the sauna tolerates well. In the public sauna we find a lot of asthmatics, for whom the sauna has become a natural routine, who have freed themselves from attacks, in many cases because of this. In the dry air of the sauna, the muscles of the bronchi relax under the influence of inhaled hot air. This is what counteracts the tendency to spasms that lead to attacks. The asthmatic is not only free from attacks when using the sauna, but generally, due to the regular use of the sauna, the tendency to attack decreases. The important thing here is that during the proper sauna the adrenal glands are stimulated to secrete the hormone. The stimulation of the autonomic nervous system at this time is also very beneficial. Research on asthmatics using the sauna carried out by prof. Manger in Norderney on the one hand, and prof. Krauss and others in East Berlin, on the other hand, showed that the measurable expiratory parameters significantly improved in these patients. Salt Cave.

For asthmatics who are already suffering from emphysema and who are susceptible to upper respiratory tract infections, the most important is the hardening of the body and the influence of the sauna on the prevention of infections. Asthma sauna

Adrenocorticotropic hormone, found in the composition of drugs used in the treatment of asthmatics, has side effects, which are particularly undesirable, especially for the growing organism. Therefore, it is particularly beneficial that the sauna helps to stop taking these drugs, as stated by prof. Eriksson-Lihr, Director of the Finnish Allergy Hospital. Halotherapy.

We also noticed such patients who, for professional reasons, suffered from chronic bronchitis or had a tendency to do so. Significantly increasing the respiratory tract is as beneficial to them as the general strengthening of the body’s defenses. Because their condition is often deteriorated under the influence of cold, training the reaction to coolness while using the sauna is especially useful for them.