How does the sauna affect blood pressure?

By blood pressure we generally understand the blood pressure circulating in the arteries. Blood pressure depends on the activity of the heart, on the condition of the blood vessels and on the condition of the blood. The body always tries to provide the necessary pressure according to the conditions, so that the centers of life, especially the brain, can be provided with sufficient amounts of blood. As a consequence, the blood pressure values ​​change even when the position is changed,/ eg lying, sitting, standing/. Salt caves.

Currently, blood pressure is often discussed. There are two reasons for this: the first is that it can be easily measured and therefore very often evaluated; the second reason is that in many people the pressure values ​​diverge both up and down from the average value depending on the age and physical structure of the individual. This is referred to as high or low blood pressure, respectively. Sauna blood pressure
Operation of the sauna on blood vessels

Due to the expansion of all blood vessels under the influence of heat and then their narrowing during intense cooling, for example in the pool, due to the participation of the heart in defending the body against heat, blood pressure values ​​also tend to change during a bath in the sauna. In people with normal blood pressure, the influence of a hot sauna is poor (low pressure reduction), while in patients with high blood pressure a significant reduction in blood pressure can be observed, and in patients with low blood pressure one can observe a pressure increase to normal. Bathing in cold fresh air and the use of cold water does not have a significant effect on blood pressure, but the pool obviously has. If the pool is used, the blood pressure increases significantly, especially the higher of the two measured values. Patients with high blood pressure should not, therefore, use the pool, while it is particularly beneficial for people with low blood pressure. Halotherapy.

The applied hot foot bath causes the return of blood pressure to their standard values. In the case of major pathological deviations in blood pressure, the changes are only short-lived. In these cases, the sauna will not replace the proper treatment.