Sauna sweating – what should you do if you can not sweat?

The ability to sweat is an important body’s ability to defend against different effects of heat. The lack of sweat glands in humans is a phenomenon so rare that we will not address this issue. However, there are very frequent cases when existing sweat glands (2 to 3 million) do not work properly. The proper reaction of the blood vessels in the skin and subcutaneous tissue is an important condition for abundant sweating. It is known, however, that in many people the functions of the vessels are disturbed, especially by nicotine, which sometimes manifests itself with gray skin color.

It was observed that during proper bathing in the sauna the amount of sweat released by the sweat glands increases. As shown by specially prepared paper sheets that have been placed on the skin, sweating begins immediately after entering the hot sauna room. The first pot evaporates, however, almost completely so that it is usually not noticed. The amount of sweat in total can be determined by weighing after bathing and before bathing (after drying). Sauna sweating.

Beginners who are initially sweating a little, it is recommended to use a very warm foot bath, which widens the blood vessels on the entire surface of the skin. This effect can be enhanced by brushing with a dry brush until the skin is pink.

Do not use brushing (or other activities) in the sauna itself, as this could disturb other people using the sauna.