Are there any saunas like baths?

Currently, there are no such baths that in their nature and effects would be close to the sauna. Often, however, people abuse the term “sauna” and using a good reputation offer something that has nothing to do with it. Sometimes a Russian-Roman bath is offered, which is definitely different from a sauna.

The Russian bath, called the “banya” in the country of its origin, is a bath in the air saturated with hot water vapor. Due to high humidity, the air reaches a temperature of 45’C. Traditional Roman baths are baths in the hot air, the temperature of which is usually 50 to 60’C.

What we call the Russian-Roman bath is a combination of three rooms with different temperatures (50 ‘, 60’, water vapor) and pools with cold and hot water. Experts consider this bath not very beneficial for the body. The rapid change of different types of heat used in this bath forces more effort than in the case of properly metered sauna heat.

Another type of bath, referred to as the term “bio-sauna”, used a device generating a temperature of 50 ° C, generating a variable magnetic field and a certain type of radiation. However, it has been banned because of harmful effects on health. Such inventions are neither “biological” nor are they a sauna.

In the last few centuries, sweating booths sometimes appeared, intended for individuals who could sit in them like in a bathtub, with their heads out. Specifying this device with the term “sauna”, even with the addition of “home”, is misleading. Scientific research has clearly proved that they do not meet any requirements for a sauna and do not provide benefits such as a sauna.