Pregnancy sauna – can pregnant women take a bath in the sauna?

Connoisseurs and sauna experts agree on the beneficial effects of the sauna during pregnancy, writes dr. Hartmann, who was investigating this issue. Women who use the sauna regularly

once a week during the entire pregnancy until they resolve, they have a much shorter and easier delivery. Salt caves.

The sauna also has a beneficial effect on a woman’s health during pregnancy. Repeated, weekly “outflow” of a lot of water prevents excessive water retention in the tissues. Huge accumulation of water, kidney failure and increased blood pressure are symptoms of pregnancy poisoning, which is a significant risk for both mothers and children. Regular weight control while using the sauna is an important measurement for a woman, because in this way she is able to notice greater weight gain than 500 g per week and therefore speed up her appointment with a doctor. The influence of the sauna on the blood vessels, on the regulation of blood circulation (blood pressure) and also on the heart, is so important for a pregnant woman as the use of muscle and brain relaxation. Halotherapy.

Operation of the sauna during pregnancy

Cleansing the body, associated with the huge secretion of sweat, is accompanied by the excretion of waste products of the unborn child, which explains why a pregnant woman using the sauna has fewer pregnancy ailments. The fact that the use of the sauna by the future mother does not have a negative impact on the child is, in addition to our own experience, proved by a great Finnish experiment, which shows that the mothers of most Finns used the sauna at least once a week during pregnancy. Sauna pregnancy

There have never been any accidents in newborns or during their development. The Finns’ abilities are widely known. Finns have a big part in the greatest achievements of humanity: athletics, intellectual and artistic. With only about 4.5 million Finnish citizens there were, for example, several Nobel Prize winners, famous poets, great composers, outstanding architects, several Olympic champions, etc. Finn maintains that regular use of the sauna is very important.