Can you catch a cold under the influence of a sauna?

If someone is hot and susceptible to a cold, he is usually warned that he can “catch a cold,” and in fact many people have colds or suffer from lumbago due to drafts. This never happens during the proper sauna. Thanks to the large reserves of heat, the body is well prepared for it, and the accumulated heat reserve (which we evaluate at least 300 – 340 kJ) is not reduced as a result of high cooling, even in winter. This happens as long as the body temperature is constantly leveled. Salt caves.
Sauna cold

The type of cooling plays an important role in this process. For example, the use of a strong cold stimulus causes a beneficial reaction of blood vessels in a very pre-heated organism. It manifests itself in very good blood supply to the skin tissue (“pink look”) of the person using the sauna. With such circulation, the temperature of the skin is higher than usual, which is the reason that after the bath, measures should be taken to prevent great heat loss. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not stand or lie naked without a sheet in the rest room. Wet hair should be dried. Even after dressing, it is necessary to prevent too much cooling. The consequences of abnormal behavior could be cold hands, a feeling of coolness or even a common cold.