Sauna advantages, or what is the purpose of taking a bath in the sauna

Sauna satisfies the natural needs of today’s living people. It relaxes the physical and mental man as a whole, changes the mood, increases efficiency, cleanses and detoxifies the body.
It compensates for losses caused by unfavorable living conditions, visibly improving many functions of the organism, especially those concerning cardiac output and blood circulation / 2 /.

Sauna advantages

In 1970, and then in 1979, surveys were carried out among those using the sauna. In each case, 10,000 people were tested. The answer showed that 71% of the respondents use the sauna primarily for relaxation and recreation, 62% for strengthening the body, 41% for activating and increasing efficiency, 47% of women were aimed at skin care and a better appearance, cleansing the body -28% , and slimming or maintaining a slim figure of 12%. Only 16% mentioned reasons related to the treatment. However, few people started using the sauna to prevent common diseases.

Young people, who rarely think about health problems, were satisfied with the use of the sauna. They use it to regenerate after intensive sport, they like body care in the sauna, company, and also its strengthening effect on the body.