Sauna losing fluids are they dangerous?

Sauna loss of fluids in how it affects the body

The sauna user extracts 20 – 40 g of sweat per minute in a hot sauna, and during a bath with three stages he loses 0.5 – 1.5 liters of liquids. Blood tests carried out while using the sauna indicated that most of the separated fluids come from blood, which becomes temporarily more dense. The body, on the other hand, tries to keep the blood composition as constant as possible. As a result, even an hour after bathing the blood is diluted again, even if we have not drunk anything. Water is transferred to the blood from tissues, adipose tissue, connective tissue and muscles. In people with edema, it is clearly visible that the water accumulated in the tissue disappears when using the sauna. It is also beneficial for overweight people because their tissue contains, in addition to excessive amounts of fat, also water.

When water passes into the blood, other substances are also extracted from the tissue, e.g. lactic acid from muscles after intense exercise, what can be demonstrated in the case of athletes? So we’re talking about purification in connection with the fluid shift. Catabolism products in the blood leave the body not only through the sweat glands, but mostly through the kidneys. Thus, forced cleansing of body tissues from metabolic breakdown products as well as from infectious substances is considered to be the basic lasting effect of regular use of the sauna. Salt Cave.

Another issue to consider is the excretion of salt during sweating. Pot contains 98 to 99% water, about 0.5% ordinary salt (sodium chloride) and small amounts of potassium salt and besides lactic acid and fatty acids, urea and other unnecessary substances. If the body, for example, loses 5 grams of salt contained in 1 liter of sweat, it is not considered a loss, because every day with food we introduce more salt into the body than needed. Saline secretion is therefore not only desirable for patients with high blood pressure.

The body is trying to compensate for the loss of 0.5 to 1.5 liters of water with sweat by lowering the excretion of water through the kidneys. Urine becomes more concentrated and darker. This phenomenon can also be observed during hot summer days. In the case of a sauna, it was found that the reduction of the amount of urine occurs only after bathing. The concentration of urine can be prevented and should be avoided if the kidneys are not healthy by correcting the drinks with loss of liquid with sweat. This is done after using the sauna.