Sauna fainting – can bathing in the sauna cause fainting?

Properly used sauna never causes fainting. Sauna is not a form of effort for the body, but it is always a form of regeneration. Even during extreme warming of the body, when the heart rate is accelerated, we do not feel any fatigue. We breathe normally, neither faster nor deeper, and the most important feeling is only relaxation, caused by the stress-relieving effect of heat.

Later cooling the body, inhaling cold air and applying cold water causes
a feeling of freshness that can be described as a tingling sensation. After short-term narrowing of the blood vessels of the skin, caused by a cold stimulus, vasodilation occurs, which we accelerate and support with the help of a hot foot bath. This is the reason why a foot bath gives such a pleasant experience, not only for the feet, but also for the whole body. Sauna fainting should not occur if we use the sauna properly. If everything goes as it should, the well-being increases until the end of the bath. Only very few people feel the need for rest. Perhaps it should be used by those users who have a long way back home. Salt Cave.

After taking a bath, some not only feel thirsty, but also may feel the need to rest, although for a short while. Under no circumstances do you feel any weakness that could be caused by a sauna.