Sauna humidity – what is the “increase in humidity” in the sauna

Through the constant air exchange in the sauna you can ensure low enough humidity that the water separated in the form of sweat can evaporate. This evaporation, associated with the cooling of the skin, can be suddenly interrupted. This happens when small amounts of water are poured or sprayed on heated stones in a sauna oven. An invisible cloud of steam rises to the ceiling and flows through the room. When moisturized air reaches the skin using the bath, water fog is deposited on its skin. The skin then heats up even more.
How does the “increase in humidity” feel like using a sauna?

The bather sees many drops of water on the skin and observes how the sweat glands are stimulated to increased activity by an additional thermal stimulus. This is often called gradation of the influence of heat. Salt Cave. Sensitive people can do without it; Sauna bath without using moisturizing gives the same benefits. Connoisseurs of the sauna are against the often used local fashion pouring 3 to 4 liters of water again and again, instead of 10 – 15 g/ because then the sauna must be completely ventilated.

The Finns pour or spray water in which birch twigs previously soaked. The birch leaf oil refreshes the air. the “sauna smell” containing pine essential oils is also used. Concentrated oils are easily flammable, so they can only be used after dilution with water. For health reasons, the bad habit of adding alcohol to water that moisturises the air is condemned.