Sauna how often should you use it?

Most sauna enthusiasts bathe in it once a week, few do it several times a week, usually on the same day of the week. The effect of bathing in a sauna, for example a better blood vessel reaction to cool down, lasts about 1 week. If you regularly bathe in the sauna every week, this allows effective protection of the body against colds and flu. It is also a very good anti-stress workout, because the stimulation and tunable control mechanisms of the body takes about a week. The weekly bathing rhythm also corresponds to other processes running in the body in a similar rhythm.
How long should one entrance to the sauna last?

During the bath, the change of heating to cooling should be carried out two or three times. During the first two baths, only two stages are enough for a beginner; however, you need to make sure that warming up and then cooling the body is enough. Heating in 5 minutes on the bottom bench is not enough! If we stay on the lower bench for less than 8 minutes – which is absolutely safe when no moves are made – there is no overheating necessary to activate the blood vessels and then to the refreshing effect of the cold stimulus.

Sauna how often can you take a bath in the sauna? Some patients have a prescribed daily bath (one step: heating and cooling). Some athletes bathe in the sauna twice a week in order to maintain their fitness. Many sauna instructors and masseurs end every day with a bath in the sauna – similar to Finnish farmers during the harvest.

This indicates that the sauna is safe, and its excessive use; with, for example, three stages during one bath or a two or three-day bath in one’s life, it does not have to be detrimental to health. This exaggeration could, however, cause some people to experience a feeling of tiredness during bathing and the beneficial effect of the sauna might not be felt. On the contrary. Instead of helping to get a good night’s sleep, his disorder might appear, and instead of feeling calm and balanced – irritability. Also in the case of a sauna, the rule is true: do not overdo it!