Sport sauna – what should a sportsman using the sauna pay attention to?

Sauna sport – what are the rules of using the sauna by athletes

The sauna was first used and started to be used outside of Finland in connection with sport. In 1924, the word “sauna” was heard, when Finnish great runner Paovo Nurmi fascinated the world of sport. Now, correct

fitness with the help of the sauna is no longer just a privilege of Finnish athletes. Using the sauna has also become a regular practice of German athletes.

It is not surprising, therefore, that especially sports physicians dealt with scientific research on the impact of the sauna. They found reasons to reduce muscle tension, excrete poisonous substances and unnecessary products, as well as reasons for activating circulation and improving heart economy. Body hardening is also important for athletes. Halotherapy.

As a restoring procedure, the sauna should be used after sporting activity. If there were injuries, you should make at least a one-day break. A one-day break should also be used between the last use of the sauna and subsequent sports competitions.

Several researchers have found that the heart load increases significantly when using the sauna, if the consequences of previous circulatory overload have not been compensated at this time. This can happen when practicing very intense sports, such as tennis and especially squash. The break after the game, until you use the sauna, should be long enough to achieve a completely calm heart rate, usually at least half an hour.