Cold sauna – can you use the sauna during illness?

People who regularly use the sauna will not catch colds or at least it will be less likely. There are people who, after hearing this sentence, will think that the sauna can liquidate the already acquired cold or even the flu so that it does not reveal itself at all. In most cases this is not true!

In patients already infected, the use of a hot sauna with a cold stimulus could cause a particularly severe course of the disease. If the symptoms of influenza are already present, one should visit the sauna only when the symptoms of the disease (fever, runny nose) disappear, as well as the troublesome sweating that lasts for some time, from which the infectious substances that are still present are removed from the body. Halotherapy.

A consistently followed principle should be that a fresh infection and a sauna bath do not go hand in hand. To avoid such diseases, a sauna is regularly used every week with its hot and cold stimulus. The sauna’s preventive effect usually disappears after about a week. The beneficial effect of regular use of the sauna on disease prevention can be observed especially during the flu epidemic. This has been scientifically proven by dr. Hartmann and also confirmed in practice by people regularly using the sauna, which at the time when the infection was widespread, did not succumb to an epidemic of influenza.

Scientific studies on the measurable effects of cold reduction under the influence of the sauna and its huge economic benefits are available in several Eastern European countries.
Recently conducted research in Austria, bringing many details about increasing the body’s resistance under the influence of the sauna and explain a series of practical observations.