Sick kidney sauna – can patients with kidney disease benefit?

Any acute disease, which, like other acute diseases, does not allow the use of the sauna, will not be discussed here. We will consider here chronic kidney failure and so-called kidney stones.

Together with this, urea is also secreted and it has been found that in people with chronic kidney disease the amount of urea released from sweat is ten times higher than in healthy people. This causes a noticeable reduction in kidney load. Salt Cave. For this reason, hospitals allow patients to use the sauna several times a week. They can also eat a more abundant diet.

We assume in advance that the use of the sauna is carried out in the recommended way, with changes in heating the body in cooling using a stimulus of cold water. The user can observe how the kidneys are active when using the sauna, because the bladder, which was empty at the beginning of the bath, becomes filled again after the bath is finished. During the bath, the excretion of water through the kidneys is not particularly limited.
The rules of sauna bathing for people with kidney disease

We should remember that good circulation in the kidneys is a condition for their proper functioning. For this reason, a patient with kidney disease, and actually also everyone, can perform in the sauna only such treatments that do not hinder the supply of kidneys in the blood. Halotherapy. We know that there is a relationship between warm and cold feet and the blood supply to the kidneys, bladder and other abdominal organs. In the case of disease or a propensity for disease in this area, very intensive cooling of the feet should be avoided. This means that in addition to cold foot bathing /in water/, which is not allowed in the sauna, these patients are not allowed to immerse in a cold water pool. In such cases, it is also recommended to wear bathing slippers while using the sauna and thoroughly carrying out a hot foot bath after each use of cold water – in the form of water or showering.

People with a tendency to kidney stones should, after bathing, completely replace the water loss by drinking drinks. and when using the sauna could be a lack of body cleansing. Of course, it would be regrettable.