How hot sauna air affects the complexion?

Some people say that when using the sauna, the skin dries up and becomes wrinkled; others warn that the sauna causes burns (similar to frostbite). None of these statements is true!

When using the sauna, heat is delivered to the skin so extensively that its temperature increases by 10’K. Values ​​above 42’C, at which unpleasant sensations occur (“burns”) are usually not achieved. Parts of the body that have less sweat glands, e.g. fingers, calf, kneecap, are moistened with sweat from other parts of the skin.
Sauna effect on the complexion

Due to the intense heat of the metabolic processes in skin cells, which are also important in the process of their reproduction, they accelerate two to three times. At a higher temperature, the rate of antibody formation increases as well.

A significant sweat production, which contains 99% of water, causes the skin to be completely wet. The horny epidermis swells and is partially lost. Many of these particles associated with dust, sebaceous secretions and bacteria are removed, washed away and wiped while using the sauna. It is an important and unsurpassed intensity cleansing effect of the sauna. Halotherapy.

The use of cold water in the second stage maintains the moisture of the skin, so that there can be no drying. As already described above, the use of a stimulus from cold water, alternating with a hot foot bath, activates the skin’s blood vessels, which are also important for the nourishment and reproduction of skin cells? It explains why experienced beauties recommend the use of the sauna without any restrictions. Currently, almost half of all women who use the sauna on a regular basis, when asked why they do it, say that they expect improvement in their skin and appearance.

Because sweat glands are not thermally stimulated to create tallow, people with dry skin, especially older people (men also!) Should rub their skin with cream after bathing.