Sauna slimming – do baths help lose unnecessary kilograms?

When you use the sauna you lose weight, but do not become slimmer. As already described, the loss of water through the sweat glands is 500 to 1500 grams in three steps in the sauna. This can be stated after weighing what almost everyone using the sauna does. Weighing without clothing on a very precise weight is, in our opinion, an important psychological weight loss factor for overweight people.

Anyone who weighs more than it should (and this applies to more than half of people) is, of course, very pleased at the weight that he lost his kilogram during the bath. He should, however, remember that he only lost water. Salt Cave.

Permanent substance losses can only occur if the amount of food supplied to the body is less than the amount it needs. Weight loss can only occur in cases where someone on the day of using the sauna, after bathing, refrains from drinking and even from eating. Lemonade, beer, all spirits have a high energy value! We recommend a little unsweetened, containing vitamins and minerals fruit juice. After using the sauna, it’s good to cool down a bit, which is well tolerated (it’s better to fall asleep). This should not be done before using the sauna, because it could cause a collapse in the circulation. It is also good to make yourself a day fast the next day after the sauna. The successes of others should encourage those who need it: we know sauna goers who lost 5-10 kilos in one year, some even more. However, it is important to prevent “relapses”. Being overweight returns much faster than a person who has always been slim.