Rheumatism sauna or sick persons can use?

Many people complain of pain while moving, as well as during rest, which is located in the joints, in the spine or in the muscles. These ailments are traditionally called rheumatic. In the practice of a home doctor, every third or every fourth patient suffers from this condition, so among those four million adults using the sauna will also be those. The term rheumatism comes from the Greek word “rheein” because in many cases different joints are attacked alternately.

Modern medical research has revealed that these ailments can be caused by various diseases, and “rheumatism” is now considered a general term for diseases with completely different diagnoses. Connective tissue cells always have the largest share in the causes. They are practically present in all the cells of the body, in bones, cartilages, tendons, ligaments, muscles and even in the skin. Currently, we can see the differences between rheumatic inflammation, rheumatic degeneration and symptoms of non-articular rheumatism. The first type is, in addition to arthritis, also Bechterew’s disease of the spine. The second type includes joint and non-articular types of rheumatism, including muscle and tendon diseases, as well as rheumatism of subcutaneous tissue. Halotherapy.

If there are complicated changes, you should completely stop using the sauna. Since the patients are usually under the care of a doctor, the decision on when the sauna can or should be used belongs to the doctor.

Fortunately, only a small circle of patients experience such changes. Most patients suffer from a chronic form of the disease, with complications related not only to blood supply to the tissues and muscle tension, but also affecting the autonomic nervous system and certain hormone-producing glands. In these cases, the properly used sauna has a stimulating and locating effect. The pain threshold increases, mobility is facilitated and improved. Among the sauna users there are, therefore, many people who use it as a form of treatment, because it helps them by providing relief, especially in rheumatic suffering. In many cases, the sudden onset of pain was associated with changes in the weather, cooling. During the sauna, the body learns to counteract the effects of the cold stimulus.