Sauna foot bath

A hot foot bath is very important for the body. Not everyone is aware of this. Our recommendations to take a hot foot bath after applying cold water or after a cold pool often meet the answer: “I do not have cold feet”.

For a long time we have known that the connections between circulation in various parts of the body are regulated by the nerves. Experience tells us that, for example, moist feet and the evaporation of sweat by footwear can result in cool feet and a general cooling of the body. Salt caves. On the other hand, it may happen that the blood vessels in the whole system, up to the head, will be expanded if the foot vessels are dilated, e.g. if it is caused by a hot foot bath. We are talking about the reflex here, the blood vessels act automatically.

Readers who often have cold feet will now be able to explain why cold feet or even cold hands cause discomfort and why people who feel cold (whose subcutaneous vessels are narrowed, skin is blue), do not feel comfortable, and lose it’s a feeling when your feet and hands are warming up.

Blood vessels in the skin also shrink when cold water is used during the sauna and immersing in cold water, which causes the return of heat from the inside of the body to the skin. After being hit by the stimulus of the cold water of the skin previously heated by a hot sauna, the blood vessels are narrowing themselves again, but this process can be accelerated by a hot foot bath. This results in a very comfortable feeling. Alternating use in the cooling phase of cold water or cold shower and hot foot bath causes the response of many vessels, which can be considered as activating them.