The healing effect of brine baths has already been found in ancient medicine.

Warm brine baths open the pores of the skin and stimulate the ion exchange process. during this process, the body leaves the products of metabolism and the water is absorbed together behind the minerals in it.

The skin absorbs the necessary products and minerals from the environment. This property makes many pharmaceutical products in the form of patches stuck on the skin. Similarly, when bathing with water, minerals and micronutrients necessary for our organism enter our bodies on the principle of ion exchange.

This phenomenon occurs much more intensively when the concentration of the bath solution exceeds our physiological saline concentration, ie 0.9%. Therefore, by raising the concentration of the bath solution, eg up to 3%, we induce an intensive ion exchange process during which the body leaves the products of metabolism and toxins and the substances and minerals needed by the body are absorbed.
The body is nourished with and without the burden of the digestive tract.

When the system needs certain minerals, by attracting electric charges, without our knowledge and will, the body takes chemicals. We supplement in this way the shortages that are missing in the products we eat. However, provided that the water in which we bathe will contain these minerals.

When using brine baths, as with other baths, treat each patient individually. Depending on the type of disorder and indications, total and partial baths and sittings are used. Not only the type of disorder should be considered, but also the general condition of the patient.

Starting the treatment it is recommended to use weak baths (0.5-1.5%) with the frequency of every other day or even twice a week. Later, you can use brines with higher concentrations, but this decision should depend on the age, health of the patient and the ability to adapt the body. You can also increase the number of treatments per week (up to 4-5), but the total number of treatments in the entire treatment should not be greater than 20. It is recommended to use brine baths in the morning or before noon.