Bathing is multifaceted

Immersing the body in water instigates a disruption of homeostasis. This happens because the natural environment for the human body is air. Bathing triggers a range of mechanisms intended to restore the state of equilibrium. With treatments based on bathing, several stimuli go to work on the body simultaneously. As far as bathing in water from the public supply is concerned, the most vital are those related to the water’s temperature and hydrostatic pressure.

The Action of Saline and Brine Baths

Of all the mineral baths, it is saline and brine bathing which evokes the gentlest action. Saline waters have their physical and chemical properties to thank for their therapeutic effect. These waters act on the blood vessels of the skin, causing intensive hyperaemia. The blood becomes more dilute and its circulation more efficient. The chlorates contained in saline waters give rise to a restorative action, enhancing intestinal peristalsis, increasing secretion, intensifying the activity of the lymphatic system and both accelerating and improving the metabolic processes. The salt particles penetrate the epidermis and settle in the pores of the skin. Warm baths also loosen the horny layer of the epidermis, which is conducive to the depositing of their mineral content.