Cleansing the respiratory system

And what about the contaminated respiratory system? How to clean the airways? The dry salt spray generated by the halogenerator will cleanse your airways. By improving the body posture, we improve the respiratory system, which causes the salt aerosol to reach the deepest parts of the bronchial tree, cleansing the residual secretion.
The effect of dry salt aerosol on the respiratory tract manifests itself in many ways. High dispersive dry salt aerosol affects the pathogenic mechanisms of the respiratory tract, has anti-inflammatory action and improves bronchial drainage. By stimulating the movement of the cilia, it improves self-cleaning of the airways, and thanks to the bactericidal properties helps to fight the cause of infection.

Dry salt aerosol molecules, due to their hygroscopicity, bind water on the surface of the mucous membrane, diluting the mucus and facilitating its excretion. Halotherapy dissolves thickened mucus facilitating expectoration and cilia. The bactericidal properties of a dry salt aerosol make it possible to use it in group inhalations, without the risk of mutual inhalation of group inhalers

Inhalation treatments are characterized by high efficacy, because the drug substance acts directly on the site of the disease, i.e. the respiratory tract, bypassing the liver-cellular barrier.
Endoscopic examinations have shown that after 7 inhalation sessions with the use of a dry salt aerosol, in all cases studied there is a significant reduction or complete removal of sinus edema.
Professor Joachim Riethmüller from the Clinical Children’s Hospital in Tubingen, Germany has found a way to relieve the CF patients. He used a dry salt aerosol, which efficiency has exceeded all expectations.

In another one, 596 children with bronchial asthma were examined. Already after 3-4 days of stay in the halokomorze 92% of them felt a significant improvement. We owe this to innovative devices to stimulate skeletal muscles and thanks to creating a climate similar to the active salt mine rich in dry salt aerosol. The pattern of the Wieliczka Salt Mine Spa.
The active substance in the form of a highly-dispersed salt aerosol is produced by a medical device called the Salsano-407 halogenerator. The level of disintegration of NaCl particles allows the treatment of many diseases with the use of small amounts of salt aerosol. In such conditions, allergy sufferers, asthmatics, people with respiratory problems, people with sinus problems feel immediate relief. The treatment has a high effectiveness and relapses in the case of compliance with periodic inhalations do not occur in most cases.