How do spinal pains and postural defects affect the depth of breathing? What are the causes of the pain? Is it possible to easily rebuild correct movement patterns by getting rid of back pain while improving the breathing path ??? Yes, but with the right device.

The impulse device is a device for improving the functioning of motor organs. It has been designed for people after stroke and all those who have problems with back pain and postural defects.

Childhood is a time of increased activity with the ability to direct attention to your own movement. This is the best time to learn the movement. In adult life, trusting in their skills, we do not observe our own body, our attention is most often directed to the environment, not to ourselves. We do not control how our movement affects our breathing, whether it is fluid and whether we optimally use all its possibilities.

To fix it, we have to go back to childhood. We must create conditions for learning. Learning to move must take place in a sense of security to be accepted by the CNS. Correct movement starts skeletal muscles. It is the deep skeletal muscles that are responsible for maintaining the spine, thanks to which our spine is safe while performing work by the peripheral muscles. Until now, rehabilitation with effort has been identified. We have created conditions for us to improve the quality of traffic effortlessly but with pleasure. OUN selects the most optimal movements that bring pleasure. This shortens the time of body repair. If we create the conditions to feel pleasure from movement, the best configuration of muscle tension will be remembered by the CNS without the involvement of our consciousness.

Movement without resistance and effort with the proper breathing path, it is a beneficial movement that programs our OUN.

This is learning to move properly, it is a pleasure and a guarantee of fitness for many years. Harmonious movement running through all segments of our body as opposed to violent movement, with the use of a large force that stops the breath, the form of movement proposed by us does not harm the body. In childhood, from the chaotic movements OUN chooses the most optimal and they are remembered. Tips are feelings of pain and pleasure in movement. Thanks to this OUN skill, we start walking.

We walk and we do not wonder how it happens. This is due to the CNS, which works automatically. In our center, thanks to the devices, we can shorten the learning time. The new movement must be a sensation so that it can be remembered by the CNS that it would act without the involvement of our consciousness automatically in every second. Thanks to favorable conditions CNS will learn to protect our skeleton while providing a feeling of lightness and fitness. In order to learn movement again, the body’s axiality, the closed kinematic chain, the position to prevent overstretching and contractures of the muscles, frequent impulsation, loss of peripheral muscles activity and the diaphragmatic breathing path must be maintained.

Natural activation of skeletal muscles can occur only in the neutral position of the spine with preservation of its natural curvature. It is not enough to understand the correct movement, to do nothing and remember to straighten up and maintain the correct posture. The experience of movement gives more than one-hour lectures. Our facility is equipped with devices to improve the functioning of the motor system and increase the efficiency of the respiratory system. The device we have at our disposal creates the conditions for learning the correct movement and rebuilding traffic patterns. Thanks to this, we easily, safely and quickly regain control over our own body, and for this the efficiency and correct posture. Air breathing of poor quality and a faulty breathing associated with increasing postural defects have a major impact on health. Thanks to the combination of halotherapy and the restoration of movement patterns, we improve the body posture, and thus the working conditions of the respiratory muscles, increasing the volume of inhaled air and reducing the cost of breathing by cleaning the airways with the use of a natural substance such as salt.

This natural substance for us works in a very simple way.