We breathe in the air

We can correct body posture, but how often do you think about the importance of air quality that we breathe? We treat the air as something natural. What are the effects of environmental pollution and what can we do about it? GUS data indicate that in 2011 total dust emissions amounted to 414,000. tonnes, or over 1,000 tonnes per day.

Our respiratory system in defense against pollution produces additional amounts of mucus that we can not naturally excrete. The mucus blocks the airways, worsening the efficiency of the respiratory system. Anoxic organism undergoes constant fatigue. Fatigue can go into a chronic condition, manifesting itself in the release of stimuli, reduced attention by difficulties of thinking, reduced focus on the phenomena senses, impairment of the nervous system coordination function, disruption of the cortical function of the adrenal glands, aching muscles, feelings of general weakness and irritability. We are gradually getting used to this condition, recognizing it as the norm, so pathology is tricky.

Too late we notice a problem, we get accustomed to a malfunctioning organism. Contaminated environment contributes to the dysregulation of our immune system, the result is allergies to substances safe for us, such as pollen plants. According to the research of prof. Bolesław Samoliński from the Warsaw Medical University is estimated to suffer 14 million Poles, the number of asthmatics is estimated at 5 million, but according to the professor’s research, almost 67% of asthmatic patients do not know about their disease.

Allergy sufferers are often treated for a cold or a cold, unaware of the real cause of their ailments. Allergy untreated or treated incorrectly usually leads to the development of bronchial asthma hence, as the professor predicts, the number of asthmatic patients will grow. Also, the sinuses suffer from dust. There are almost all of us with sinus problems in Poland. Can we do something about it? Yes. We can cleanse the respiratory system with halotherapy.