Effect of halogen aerosol therapy on resistance parameters of the respiratory tract

A V Chervinskaia, A S Kvetnaia, A L Cherniaev, I D Apul’tsina, E L Amelina, V P Molodtsova, M E Faustova
PMID: 11980122


Aim: Assessment of the efficacy of dry high-dispersive aerosol of sodium chloride–the main acting factor of haloaerosol therapy–on defense system of the respiratory tract.

Material and methods: 188 patients with respiratory disease and at risk of pulmonary pathology received course of haloaerosol therapy. 49 matched patients were given placebo. The effect of the treatment was assessed by clinicoendoscopic picture, cytomorphological and bacteriological characteristics of the bronchoalveolar lavage, contamination activity of the microflora, activity of local humoral immunity in pharyngeal brush-biopsies and saliva, rheological indices of the sputum.

Results: Dry aerosol of sodium chloride demonstrated antiinflammatory activity in the respiratory tract, mucoregulating action. It enhances drainage of the bronchi, activates alveolar macrophages, improves biocenosis and local humoral immunity.

Conclusion: Haloaerosol therapy has positive effect on the defense system, improves function of the respiratory tracts.