Efficiency of a combination of haloaerosols and helium-neon laser in the multimodality treatment of patients with bronchial asthma

N A Faradzheva
PMID: 17915468


A hundred and thirty-eight patients with infection-dependent bronchial asthma, including 73 with moderate persistent asthma and 65 with severe persistent one, were examined. Four modes of a combination of traditional (drug) therapy (DT) and untraditional (halotherapy (HT) and endobronchial helium-neon laser irradiation (ELI) one were used. The efficiency of the treatment performed was evaluated, by determining the time course of clinical symptoms of the disease on the basis of scores of their magnitude and the patients’ condition. The findings indicated that in moderate persistent asthma, both HT and ELI in combination with DT exerted an equal therapeutic effect, which provided a good and excellent condition in 83.3% of cases. In severe persistent asthma, such a condition was achieved in 93.75% of cases only when multimodality treatment involving DT, HT, and ELI had been performed.