The genesis of asthma

Asthma is one of the most common chronic diseases today. It is most common in children. The incidence of asthma continues to grow. This is currently the case for many respiratory diseases.

Asthma belongs to conditions conditioned by pollution of the natural environment. Constantly increasing air pollution results in that we are exposed to the inhalation of an increasing amount of dust, exhaust gases and industrial gases. Environmental changes weaken the body and make it more susceptible to diseases. There is also an increase in the incidence of allergic diseases with which asthma coexists in many cases.

There are many reasons for the changing conditions of our lives: living in houses that are constantly high temperature and humidity, the floors are carpeted we create ideal conditions for the development of house dust mites where they live and reproduce especially in conditions where there are no major fluctuations humidity. Many people are allergic to house dust mites and may react with asthma attacks.
We eat differently, we use a lot of chemicals for body care and keeping the apartments clean. We live and work in a constant hurry and stress, which results in the development of asthma, which often causes recurrent attacks of dyspnoea.

Asthma as a chronic disease must be treated daily, without breaks, even when we do not feel any more ailments. This disease is different for each patient. Ailments occur in different situations with varying intensity. Most often, these are breathing difficulties, coughing, wheezing or severe bouts of breathlessness.
Knowing yourself and your illness will allow you to act and lead life as a healthy person does not avoid sports.

You should lead an active lifestyle, and then asthma will not be a problem. Halotherapy can come with help! However, remember to check if the salt cave is equipped with a halogenerator. An atmosphere rich in salt spray can only be obtained if a dry salt aerosol generator is used.