Child and asthma

In countries with high industrial development, asthma is the most common disease among children. It is estimated that every 10 children get asthma.
Asthma in children is treated according to the same principles as for adults. In the case of children, it is very important to follow the preventive recommendations, allowing unnecessary aggravation of ailments and deterioration of the child’s well-being.

Bringing a child suffering from asthma should be normal. Avoid overprotection or causing a sense of serious illness. This does not mean that one should downplay asthma. Follow the doctor’s instructions, but everything should be within the limits of common sense.

A child should not be exempted from physical education due to asthma. Sporting is even advisable. For patients with severe asthma, special sports groups are organized to the right extent. Halotherapy can also help in the treatment of asthma.

The constant contact between parents and the teacher is extremely important. The teacher needs to know how to deal with an attack of dyspnea or how to protect the child from risk factors.
The first and most important principle in the treatment of asthma is the consistent adherence to the doctor’s recommendations and adjusting their lifestyle to them.