Asthmatic on vacation

Asthmatics should carefully plan each holiday. The most favorable is the warm and dry climate. For those allergic to dust mites, mountains are the best place to stay due to the absence of mites at an altitude of 1600 m. in turn people allergic to pollen will feel the improvement of well-being on the Baltic Sea.

For the patient, a vacation trip should be a period of rest and relaxation. During your holiday, as well as every day you should consider staying in an inhaler with dry salt spray. Halotherapy is a proven method used in the treatment of allergy and asthma around the world. Relaxation, vacation play promotes regeneration similar to a stay in a sanatorium.

General rules for holiday trips:
– increased physical activity can have a positive effect on your well-being
– it is imperative that you have anti-dyspnoea drugs with you
– asthmatic patients can travel by plane without fear