Sanatorium treatment of asthma

A three-week stay in a special hospital or sanatorium is certainly worth recommending. Sanatorium treatment is one of the most effective forms due to its effectiveness and long remission time. The organism prepares itself to fight the disease under the influence of stimuli.

Inhalerias with dry salt aerosol are becoming a standard equipment in a sanatorium facility. Sanatoriums or spa hospitals are most often found in towns where a reduced amount of allergens is observed (in the mountains, by the sea), so patients often experience a significant improvement in their well-being there. During your stay in the sanatorium you can explain what is the reason for the symptoms of allergy. Physical exercise in a halotherapy room filled with dry salt aerosol improve well-being.

Often, gyms are used for inhalation. Physical breathing deepens naturally during physical exercise. The aerosol particles then reach the deeper parts of the bronchial tree