In nature, there is an unimaginable amount of mold. We can meet it practically everywhere: in homes (especially in humid rooms, ie bathrooms, basements), in the open air, etc. Sensitization to molds is less common than pollen allergy, but is usually severe. As in the case of mites or pollen, it is difficult to avoid contact with this allergen in everyday life.

However, you must follow some basic rules:
– beware of damp rooms. It is necessary to ensure that the apartment is dry and warm, often air and remove the moisturizing containers.
– do not eat foods that may contain molds. Of course, we are not talking about spoiled products, but about food products containing molds, eg dry fruit, soy sauce, some cheese, wine and beer.
– when outdoors, avoid direct contact with wood, stacks of leaves, large thickets of plants or staying in a shady forest, especially in autumn.

You should also not go to the countryside during the harvest season because it is a period in which there are many mold spores in the air. In your own garden, the grass should always be low-cut, but not a sensitized person. The mown grass should be removed from the environment as soon as possible.