Desensitization is a word known to every allergy sufferer. This specific method of treatment of allergies, sometimes called immunotherapy, aims to gradually get used to the allergen. The desensitization method involves regular injection of very small amounts of allergen, which are gradually increased. The therapy lasts until the body stops responding to the allergen.

This type of treatment usually lasts several years (on average 2-3). At the beginning, it is necessary to visit a doctor once a week.
Among the doctors there are opponents and supporters of the desensitization method. In addition, not all types of allergies can be treated in this way (eg sensitization to molds, feathers). On the other hand, in the case of allergy to the venom of insectophila, desensitization shows almost 100% effectiveness, 80% pollen allergy and 60% dust mite. Halotherapy is very helpful in the treatment of allergy to pollen.

Studies have shown that halotherapy in allergy results in 82% of cases.