Mite allergy

Mites are creatures in the shape of a microscopic spider, impossible to see with the naked eye. They feed on exfoliated epidermis, which is why they occur in places where it is large: on padded furniture, in pillows, on rugs, on the surface of mattresses, as well as in the beds of domestic animals.

To determine the place of house dust mites, a special colored test is used, available in pharmacies in selected countries. Nowadays, there are more mites in the apartments than in the past. The reason for this is the use of central heating, maintaining a constant temperature and humidity of the rooms. Such living conditions are more convenient not only for us, but also for our companions – mites.

For people allergic to mite allergen are not their organisms, but the feces inhaled together with the air. The first and basic principle for an allergy is allergen isolation. The elimination of contact with house dust mites is virtually unrealistic, because they occur everywhere, except for areas located in high mountains, because at a height of about 1600 m above sea level. mites are not able to survive. Nevertheless, one should strive to minimize the amount of mites in the apartment. To achieve this, all potential places where mites can thrive should be removed from the home. Instead of a floor covering, parquet or a washable plastic will be more beneficial. It is necessary to get rid of the padded furniture from the bedroom, heavy curtains or curtains, and even, as far as possible wardrobe closets. Avoid the so-called attracts dust, i.e. straw baskets, dried bouquets, etc. It is also worth replacing the sleeping mattress with one that can be washed. Instead of quilts or bedspreads, it is better to use easy-to-clean blankets or bedding. Mattress and bedding should be washed and aired (preferably on a cold day). Do not use pillows from down or feathers, instead choose synthetic materials. The stores have special, impervious to mite cover on pillows or mattresses. There must be no animals in the bedroom.
Conditions in the bedroom

The appropriate temperature in the bedroom is 18 degrees, humidity should not exceed 50%. It is absolutely necessary to systematically vacuum the flat, wipe the chicken with a damp cloth. Cleaning activities can not be performed by an allergy!

Regardless of whether or not asthma is allergic, there are recommendations that everyone should follow. The recommendations focus mainly on the conditions in the apartment, because we spend a large part of our lives at home. The air in the apartment should contain as little dust as possible. To minimize the amount of dust, regularly clean the room and wipe the furniture, preferably with a damp cloth. When it comes to a vacuum cleaner, it is best to have a filter to prevent dust from escaping. In order to avoid the accumulation of dust, you should give up furniture such as armchairs or plush couches, avoid rugs and carpets, thick, heavy curtains. The bedroom can not have closets for clothes. In the matter of bedding, synthetic fabrics should be selected. The bedroom should be ventilated frequently, it should be dry, the optimal air temperature is about 18 degrees.

A necessary, though often difficult, step is to part with domestic animals, which also include aquarium fish. Sometimes it is also necessary to get rid of plants. Conditions in the potted rooms. Some asthmatics also badly tolerate the strong smell of flowers in vases. Regardless of whether plants cause disease symptoms, they should not be in the bedroom. The reason for the symptoms may also be kitchen scents, so it is worth installing the extractor in the kitchen, as well as take care of regular cleaning of the burners. The apartment should not be sprayed with any cosmetic aerosols. Strong chemical smells can also cause symptoms of the disease. Tobacco smoke is another risk factor for dyspnea. Patients with asthma are not allowed to smoke, as well as being surrounded by smokers. Despite many limitations, asthmatic apartment can be arranged warmly and cozy, appropriately using the allowed elements of the decor.