The reason for overweight is very often misinterpreted sense of appetite, while our body is calling for water. Feeling thirsty and hungry is regulated by the brain. It is a body that works without interruption, processing information even during deep sleep. The task of the brain is also to coordinate the work of the whole organism. For such important tasks, the brain uses enormous amounts of energy, hence receives as much as 20% of the blood circulating in the body. The brain uses two mechanisms to meet its energy needs. First of all, from the metabolism and decomposition of foods to simple sugars. Secondly, from the supply of water and the exchange of hydroelectric power. The front part of the brain is powered by both hydroelectric energy and derived from glucose contained in the blood. The demand for the first one is more important, not only because of the production of energy from water, but also for the microtransport system, for which even more water is needed. Therefore, feelings of thirst and hunger are generated simultaneously to signal the needs of the brain. Desire is not recognized, therefore both signals are interpreted together as a compulsion to eat. The body receives food while it should receive water. The reason why it is so easy to gain weight is simple: we eat in order to supply the brain with the energy needed for its constant work. Only about 20% of the food consumed is “delivered” to the brain. The rest, unused by muscles and other organs, will be deposited in the form of adipose tissue. If we use water instead of solid food as an energy source, the body has nothing to put aside. Excess water is excreted in the form of urine.