Asthmatics have elevated levels of histamine in lung tissue. Histamine regulates the contractility of the bronchial muscles. Because the lungs are a place where water in the form of water vapor escapes from the body to the outside, the narrowing of the bronchi caused by histamine means less evaporation of water during breathing. It is a natural mechanism to preserve water in the body.
In addition to regulating the distribution of water, histamine also has antibacterial and antiviral properties, it is needed in the fight against foreign proteins and chemical compounds in the body. With proper hydration, histamine performs its function in an imperceptible way without harming the body. With significant dehydration, the excessive production of histamine is triggered by the immune system to create an inventory to perform all of its tasks. The production of histamine decreases with the increase in the daily water ration.
If the blood gets concentrated in the lack of adequate amount of plasma water, the production of histamine is a natural reaction of the body. Its excessive secretion causes narrowing of the bronchi.
In the case of asthma, the salt plays a huge role. When there is no water, the body begins to store salt. In some people the mechanism for regulating the amount of salt is inefficient. If bad physiological problems are added to the physiological problem, and in particular diets without salt, the current dietary trends prevailing in our society will be obtained. Salt is a natural histamine. People with allergies should increase salt intake to prevent excessive production of histamine.
The lungs need water to maintain an adequate degree of hydration and prevent drying while breathing. When dehydration, the respiratory tract is protected by the secreted mucus before drying out. In the first stages of asthma, mucus is secreted for this purpose. Finally, the moment comes when a large amount of mucus will block the free flow of air. Sodium decomposes mucus and is usually used by the body to get rid of it. This is why phlegm has a salty taste.
Salt is needed to break down and liquefy mucus to help get rid of it from the airways. In the case of water deficiency, the body activates emergency mechanisms protecting water and, at the same time, salt storage. The body must have enough water and salt at its disposal before it dilates the bronchi and the mucus will become loose enough to be secreted.
Asthma is not a disease that can be cured. Asthma is a sign of physiological adaptation to dehydration and salt deficiency. It always makes itself known in the absence of regular supply of the body with water and salt.