Music Therapy

Music therapy – restores health, improves the functioning of people with various emotional, physical or mental problems.
The traditions of applying music in therapy date back to the tribal times. During the healing rituals, singing, playing instruments and dancing were used. Currently, this field is based on scientific principles. Knowledge in the field of psychology, medicine, pedagogy, psychotherapy etc. is used.

The basic means of interaction in music therapy is sound, music, which is often a trigger and a catalyst for experiences and emotions. Salt cave equipped with a halogenerator is an ideal place to listen to music in combination with relaxation and visualization. The concept of “music as therapy” sets music as a priority during each session. Already contact with music, its reproduction or creation has a significant therapeutic value.

Everyone can participate in the music therapy session. Contraindications apply only to people suffering from so-called Musician epilepsy and in cases of acute psychotic states. Salt caverns equipped with halogenerators, in which we can additionally listen to music, give unforgettable experiences that remain permanently in the memory.

A stay in a salt cave equipped with a salt aerosol generator can also make music more pleasant. Being in such a nice atmosphere will certainly help you break away from everyday worries and affairs, and additionally the therapeutic salt aerosol will bring benefits to our health. Customers visiting our facility will definitely come back to it.