Color therapy

Color therapy is the art of introducing various colors to the human body in order to strengthen health, balance and overall well-being. The color is used in psychiatric practice to reveal mental and emotional traits.

The vibrations of colors are absorbed by the subtle energy fields surrounding the human body. These vibrations are absorbed by eyes and skin, as well as centers that bind to the endocrine system, which enables physical, emotional and mental renewal of every organ of the organism. Color can stimulate or lull, excite or calm down, warm or cool, irritate or soothe, awaken passion in us or elevate us to spiritual heights. Understanding the color opens up a new dimension of our consciousness. The energy of different colors has a specific sensual effect on us.

Our everyday language is full of expressions in which color represents sensory data and emotional experiences. We are talking about “pink glasses”, “blue almonds”, “black hour”, “white magic”. We call emotionless life “gray” or “colorless”, while admiring the “multicolored stained glass” with light we can experience the state of deep spiritual movement. Color increase our productivity and well-being. It can help us to socialize and improve our health. You can use it to deepen your self-awareness and to consolidate the fullness and richness of your person. Humanity is just beginning to understand the language and the importance of this message.

Chromotherapy helps to bring harmony to the body and mind. Harmony achieved through the power of colors favors the improvement of our health. For these reasons, chromotherapy and salt cave are a perfect combination for the good of our health. The Halogenerator complements the atmosphere with a salt aerosol. Halotherapy can be supplemented with music therapy. Salt cave in various colors of health.