Chervinskaya A.V., Alexandrov A.N., Konovalov S.I.

XYI Congress of the European Rhinologic Society. VII Congress of the International Rhinologic Society. Week of the Nose: Abstract Book.- 1996. – P. 104.

Application of dry rock salt aerosol in case of common cold

17 patients with common cold underwent dry rock salt aerosol (DRSA) therapy. DRSA with particles size of 1-5 mkm and high negative charge is the main curative factor of Halotherapy (HT). Density of aerosol depends on nosology, clinical features and FEV1 (0.5-1; 1-2; 3-5; 7-9 mg/m3). HT is drug-free method, which simulates natural salt cave microclimate. There were two ways of DRSA administration: in the room with the controlled air medium which is created with special equipment; the inhalation through nasal mask of individual inhalator. The method of HT was sanctioned by the Russian Ministry of Public Health in 1990. It has been known that DRSA improves rheological properties of the airways contents, decreases edema of bronchial and nasal mucosa, it has a bactericidal action, enhances functioning of alveolar macrophages. Other factors are comfortable temperature and humidity, hypo bacterial and allergen free air medium. The common cold patients’ condition was assessed by daily clinical observation, functional and citobacteriological tests. In all cases we registered cold clinical symptoms disappear faster than in control group. The improvement in clinical state was accompanied by positive dynamics of laboratory tests.