Zdrowe odżywianieIn order to function properly, the body has to be provided with an adequate amount of energy and sufficient nutrients. In children, an inadequate diet leads not only to inhibited intellectual and physical development, as well as reduced immunity, but also to alterations in the structure of tissues and organs. In adults, it is connected with the manifestation of various diseases such as obesity, diabetes, hypertensions, atherosclerosis and many others. Mistakes in the way we eat include insufficiently varied and/or badly composed meals, as well as the poor storage or preparation of foodstuffs.

Contemporary humans are susceptible to advertising. One effect of this is the growing consumption of remedies and miraculous dietary supplements which are supposed to improve the functioning of our body. The vast majority of them are products of no nutritious value, contributing nothing to either our diet or our health. Numerous studies have demonstrated the minor effectiveness and low assimilability of the products on offer. The manufacture of most supplements is extremely cheap, while the nutrients they contain are often quite simply symbolic. Current legislation places no obligation on the manufacturers to carry out clinical trials on either the effectiveness of their dietary supplements or on the effects brought about by their use. Products of this kind should therefore be used with caution and after consulting a doctor.