Inhalation employing dry salt aerosol can be adminstered to groups indoors. This extends its potential use in various facilities. Health clubs, kindergartens, arts and culture centres and any number of other venues generally have the chance of running activities in an atmosphere enriched with salt aerosol and, by the same token, have the opportunity of increasing their preventive and protective contribution to society’s health.

On hearing the term ‘halotherapy’, many people’s thoughts will automatically turn to the ‘salt caves’ and ‘salt grottos’ which have recently begun to gain popularity. In the meantime, in many of the salt caves and grottos of this kind which have sprung up in Poland over the past few years, the creation of a microclimate with the features of a salt chamber is impossible. Walls of salt are not a source of salt aerosol and serve nothing but decorative purposes. Salt aerosol can only be created by the artificial means of micronising rock salt in a salt aerosol generator.

As a result of increasing environmental pollution, allergies are intensifying and the number of children suffering from them is continually mounting. Allergies are most effectively combated during the period when children are growing because the body’s allergic reactions have not yet managed to become set. Halotherapy in kindergartens is a popular form of preventive measure in many countries around the world.

It is possible to administer group inhalations using dry salt aerosol in more or less any facility where movement-based activities take place. Halotherapy is an effective form of preventive measure and can be employed in all kinds of places.